Angelica Panganiban Biography and Profile


Real Name: Angelica David Panganiban
Birthday: November 4, 1986
Place where she grew up or Birth place: Caloocan City, Philippines
Profession: Actress, Dancer, model
Height: 5’ 6”
GrandFather’s Name: Alfredo Panganiban

- Finished elementary school at St. Vincent in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City in 1999.
- Finished High school at St. Vincent, West Avenue in 2003.
- She was the Junior-Senior Prom Princess in 2002 and Miss Junior and Senior Prom in 2003.
- She was also a cheer leader and also a feature editor in her school newspaper.
- Angelica had her college spent at Thames International Business School, majoring in Mass Communication but she had to stop during her sophomore year due to showbiz dedications.
- She is currently studying Culinary Arts at Global City Innovative College.

Everything about Angelica Panganiban:

When Angelica Panganiban was still 2 years old, her parents got separated. She has no memories of her father. In her childhood, Angelica had assumed that her grandfather, Alfredo Panganiban, was her real father.

Angelica is also a member of ABS-CBN’s elite circle of homegrown talents properly named Star Magic. She started her career in showbiz at age 6 with her first show Ang TV in ABS-CBN. She also starred in the 2007 movie A Love Story with Aga Muhlach and Maricel Soriano, produced by Star Cinema. Angelica was one of the lead stars of ABS-CBN’s Iisa Pa Lamang. Angelica Panganiban is currently a cast with Banana Split which is a comedy Program from ABS-CBN. She has an upcoming movie “RUBI”. Angelica Panganiban already has a lot of acting awards as well as awards to prove her beauty and sexiness.


8 Comments on "Angelica Panganiban Biography and Profile"

  1. trisha kate b. de castro on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 12:32 am 

    ate angel,you are so pretty.I wish you are my older sister.the ending of RUBI is so touching. Sweet kayo tignan ni kuya derek!!!!

  2. christine joy enciso on Fri, 20th Aug 2010 9:38 pm 

    hi!!! ahm .. alam mo no.1 fan mo ako .. ang galing mo kasi umacting eh .. grabe .. lalo na sa RUBI .. un lagi ang inaabangan ko ..

  3. vhival-jheane orio(black_butterfly) on Fri, 17th Dec 2010 2:24 am 

    hi ate angel!!! ur 1 of my fav. stars in ABS-CBN, sobrang galing mo kc lalung-lalo na sa teleserye mong RUBI,. you’re sowh beautiful and ang bait mowh!!, xna naging sister nalang kita!!! more power sa career mowh most especially to ur luvlyf,. gudluk xa inyo ni kuya derek.

  4. Cristy Abranilla Dela Pena on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 7:10 am 

    wow you’re so pretty i appreciate you.. please remain humble and God fairing..

  5. jane hawan on Sun, 14th Aug 2011 9:05 pm 

    ang ganda mo talaga ate angel.. sana maka bisita ka at ang buong banana split family dito sa amin sa iligan.. idol kasi kita…

  6. genevieve estroga on Mon, 14th Nov 2011 12:41 am 

    idol talaga kita! kasi,mukha ka kase ng bestfrend ko sa highschool namatay nah siya sa asthma! sana kayo nah ni derek ramsay habang buhay! god bless!

  7. Leslie on Mon, 16th Apr 2012 4:29 am 

    Hi.Angelica,ur my no.1 fav0rite,stars in ABS-CBN…Alam mu,angel id0l na tlga kta,n0ng bta kpa until n0w..I hope,na met kta n pers0ns..Super duper gnda mu kc…Wish q tlaga un,makta kta!..Sana maraming kpang pelikula,para palagi kta lagi sa t.V…

  8. Sarah Reyes on Wed, 2nd May 2012 5:53 pm 

    Such a very beautiful lady. Really liked her for her pretty face. I really idolized her for everything that she is. Keep it up Angelica!

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