Bohol Philippines and its Wonders

bohol_chocolate_hillsOne of the most popular destinations in the Philippines is the island of Bohol. For year 2009,   Bohol had a 13.08 percent growth rate with 238,745 tourist arrivals, making it as one of the most visited places in Central Visayas Region of the Philippines.  The accessibility of Bohol from Cebu (Philippines’ major point of destination after Manila) through hourly trips of various sea vessels make Bohol as a major side trip of travelling visitors in Central Visayas. Also, the existence of an airport in its capital, Tagbilaran City, makes Bohol as easy access for vacation trips from travelers across the globe.

Bohol is located at the center of the Philippines as one of the provinces of the Central Visayas Region (the tourist capital of the country). Aside from Bohol, the provinces of Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor complete the entire Central Visayas Region. Its land area of 4117.3 square kilometers makes this island province as the tenth largest island of the Philippines. Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol where almost all commercial establishments and business centers are found in this city.

Meanwhile, Bohol takes pride of its abundant natural resources, rich culture and history, and warmth of its people, the Boholanos.  With this, it is no wonder that Bohol is now one of Philippines’ major tourist destinations.

Places to Visit in Bohol

Chocolate Hills. Considered as one of the natural wonders of the world, Chocolate Hills is an spot in Carmen, Bohol characterized by dome-land formations (hills) which turn color brown during summer season. On rainy season, the hills are covered with green color as vegetation replaces the dry land of summer. The view of more than a thousand chocolate hills, which look like chocolate kisses, in one setting is considered by many tourists and even locals as simply breathtaking.   It takes an hour drive from Tagbilaran City to reach Chocolate Hills through vans-for-hire.

Loboc River Cruise. Another popular tourist destination in Bohol is its Loboc River Cruise where floating restaurants offer buffet lunch and dinner with musical entertainment during the 45-minute trip. Motor bancas, with a capacity of 100 persons, are used in the river cruise. In this trip, people can experience the tranquil and clean Loboc River with its rich vegetations around it.  During the trip, the cruise makes some stopovers in river banks where awaiting group of children sing and dance to entertain the guests.  During night time cruise, the ambience is romantic where subdued lights in the surroundings give a reflection of the river.

Tarsier Watching.  Another highlight during a Bohol tour is a visit to Bohol’s tarsiers. These endangered small creatures can be seen live as tourists can also take pictures of it. As most of the sayings in Bohol go – a trip to Bohol will not be completed without an encounter with the tarsiers.

Island and Balicasag Adventure. The white sand beaches in Panglao speak of Bohol’s rich marine resources and water adventures. Tourists always frequent the various beach resorts in Panglao because of the “uncorrupted” natural resources and waters in the area. Also, whale watching in nearby Balicasag Island is another famous tourist spot in Bohol where people can enjoy not just the sparkling Bohol bluewaters but also the site of whales frolicking in the ocean. Whale watching is made possible through motorized boats for hire.

Danao Adventure Park. Located 72-km away from Tagbilaran City, the Danao Adventure Park is the newest tourism spot in Bohol. The place takes pride on the various eco-adventures that do not only showcase the rich forests of Danao, but also the world-class equipment and skills of the adventure park that can compete internationally when it comes to extreme sports.  The Danao Adventure Park includes zip line adventure (the tallest and longest in the Philippines), cliff plunge, river trekking, sky riding, kayaking, and many more.

Going To Bohol

Bohol can be reached through a two-hour fast craft ride from Cebu City. Roll-on and Roll-off boats are also available for those who prefer the slow trip in waters. Local flights are also available from Manila to Tagbilaran City.

The abovementioned tourist destinations are just few of the many spots in Bohol where people can appreciate the natural wonders of Mother Earth. The Chocolate Hills is enough proof how blessed this province when it comes to natural wonders.  Meanwhile, what truly make Bohol now as one of Philippines’ tourist havens is the Boholanos themselves whose cooperation with their local government unit is exemplary.  The involvement of its people in making their province a world-class destination is very evident. Also, as a former insurgency stricken province, Bohol now is an insurgency free province which further makes it as a preferred tourist destination. With its peaceful environment as well as its “uncorrupted” natural resources and a  touch of rural rawness in its urban centers, Bohol is indeed worth travelling.


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  1. Joana on Mon, 26th Apr 2010 3:09 pm 

    Where is the place in Bohol where they have organic farming and serve organic produce?

    I have not been to Bohol but I am now interested to visit the place.

    May I suggest that Tourism authorities (if it is within their budget) arrange to replace existing railings to stainless steel atop the viewing area overlooking chocolate hills.

    And authorities should stop anyone from building a house underneath a hill – I saw one on you tube and it is quite disappointing.

    God bless the Philippines!

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    great post as usual!

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    i really love to stay in bohol…. cause they say you will be happy there and your problems will be gone away

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    Great work you have done here

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