DAKAK: Mindanao’s Famous Diving Spot

Known as the Diving Mecca of Mindanao, Dakak Beach Resort is one of the most preferred destinations in the Philippines because of its white sand beaches and rich marine resources. Aside from local tourists who prefer more the peaceful ambience in this place than the party nightlife of other beach resorts, foreign tourists from different corners of the world have also considered Dakak Beach Resort as a good haven for retreat and complete relaxation. The different water sports in Dakak also make it as a world-class site for water sports enthusiasts whose adventurous spirits are satisfied by sports such as scuba diving, kayaking, parasailing and the likes.


Dakak Beach Resort is located at Zamboanga del Norte at the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is exactly located at Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte. On its west is the rich marine water of Sulu Sea, while on its east is the mountain ranges of Zamboanga del Norte. Although Philippines is frequented by typhoons every year, the strategic location of Dakak, which is in between large islands, make it less prone to these typhoons. Aside from the amenities and activities one can find in Dakak Beach Resort, other shops and restaurants can also be found within the place of Dapitan wherein tourists can further appreciate the local setting of the place.

Going to Dakak Beach Resort

Dakak Beach Resort can be reached either through sea vessel or airplane. The main entry point to Dakak is through nearby Dipolog City. Air Philippines has five times a week flight to Dipolog City from Manila. Flight from Manila to Dipolog City usually takes one hour. Asian Spirit has also a daily flight to Dipolog City from Cebu through the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.  Flight to Dipolog City from Cebu usually takes around forty-five minutes.  Shipping vessels have also trips from Manila to Dipolog City, and fast sea vessels such as Super Cat have trips from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental to Dipolog City.

Amenities, Accommodations and Activities in Dakak

This 15-hectare wooded land resort has room facilities that include air condition, cable TV, in-house movies and hot/cold shower bath.  For those who want to come in groups, Dakak has also facilities that suit for conferences and team buildings. Guests can enjoy the tranquil environment as they relax in the resort’s natural spring water of its pool.  Swimming pools are also available for kids. Outdoor Jacuzzi adds-up to the complete relaxation one can get in the resort as well as its sauna and fitness center.  For outdoor activities, Dakak is equipped with a mini golf course, tennis court, billiard center, horseback riding facilities, and basketball court. Its in-house restaurant offers seafood cuisine and Filipino food. For a nightlife party, its Fusion Disco is packed with entertainment where guests can unwind during the night.

Aqua Sports

Dakak is one of the best diving spots in the world. From its fine white sand beach-line to the deep waters, the place is endowed with natural wonders. The Liuay Rock diving spot in the area is the most frequented area among divers of Dakak.  Liuay Rock is a soft slope where a variety of marine resources can be found.  Various corals also inhabit the area. According to many, the Liuay Rock spot is ideal for amateur divers.  Another famous diving spot is the Cesar’s Reef wherein rich coral formations engulf the area.  Ideal for experienced divers, the Cesar’s Reef is home of many different kinds of fish such as barracuda, snappers, and surgeon fishes.

Aside from scuba diving, guests can also enjoy other water sports such as water skiing, snorkeling, kayaking and parasailing.

Going Around Dapitan

Dakak is located in the historically rich place of Dapitan.  To those who want to explore the areas outside of the resort, Dapitan has many spots worth visiting.  For one, the Rizal Shrine in Dapitan is a must-visit place. The place reflects well on the life and works of Jose Rizal, Philippines’ National Hero, during his 4-year exile in Dapitan. In the museum, one can see the things used by Rizal in his writings as well as the equipment he used when he practiced his being a doctor in the place. The Rizal Shrine is located at Talisay, Dapitan City.  The St. James Church in Dapitan is another historical spot that the city boasts of.  According to many, St. James was the most frequented church by Jose Rizal during the latter’s stay in Dapitan. The pew where Rizal always seated is being highlighted differently nowadays to put emphasis on that historical spot. To those who want to shop and dine, the Gloria de Dapitan is a commercial complex that houses various restaurants, shops, bowling center, resto pubs, video arcades, and other recreational spots.  A 5-star deluxe cockpit is also found inside this commercial complex. Outside Gloria de Dapitan is the Outdoor Mobile Amusement Rides where carnival rides can be found.


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