Pagudpud Island Philippines – More than worth the Trip

Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte is one of the most popular destinations for urban dwellers especially those coming from Metro Manila. Whether on a long road trip with friends or a back pack adventure through public buses, the journey is an adventure by itself and the destination, all worth the effort.

On a good day, Pagudpud is 10 hours drive from Metro Manila, if you go through the more scenic through the North Luzon Express Way – Pangasinan – Ilocos corridor in the west of Luzon island. The town of 17,000 people is known for its breathtaking beaches which are still inconsiderably unaduletarted and its closeness to nature. A great escape indeed from the hectic life and the smog of the metropolis.

Most people go to Pagudpud bringing tents, but there is already a sprawling line of decent pension houses, inns and family hotels run by local folks like the popular Saud beach resort. If you want five-star accommodations, there is none in Pagudpud, but if want to sit back and blend into the rural laid-back charm of a community of friendly Ilocanos then this place is for you.

Unlike other beach destinations, Pagudpud ius more than the beach. Yeah, there is swimming, boarding even kayaking but the town offers more than a tan. It brings out the warmth of the local people seen through the rows of towering coconut trees, humble nipa hut homes and the local sari-sari stores when you can have a small barn talk with the locals.

The trip to Pagudpud is not uneventful. A road trek through the Ilocos provinces will bring you to historic towns like in Tarlac or in Vigan, Laoag and the land of the Marcoses, Batac. You can even drop by the world-famous Bangui wind turbines, the town just before Pagudpud. For public commuters Farinas Lines or Philippine Rabbit buses from Cubao can bring you to Laoag or Tugegarao in Cagayan, which is just a tricycle ride away from the paradise of Pagudpud.

Ilocos means great food so do not forget to drop by popular restaurants like Preciosa in Laoag or even the common pop and pop eateries you pass by along the highway.

Pagudpud is indeed an escape. And, along with the towns and the people around it, become a wonderful paradise for the weary urbanite.


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